Grand Jester - Sorcerer Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse has played many roles in his long and celebrated career, but few are as beloved as his portrayal of the unassuming Sorcerers Apprentice in Walt Disneys animated masterpiece, Fantasia. Mild-mannered Mickey dreams of one day wielding his master Yensids mystical might, but it is only after he surreptitiously dons the ancient wizards conical cap that his ambition is finally realized.

Product ID: 4020535
Height: 20,95 cm - 8.25"
Width: 11,43 cm - 4.5"
Depth: 10,16 cm - 4"
Weight: 0,41 kg - 0.89 lbs
Materials: Stone resin

Designed by: Ruben Procopio
Sculpted by: Bruce Lau

Introduction: January 2011
Availability: June 2011

Issue Price * : The initial price of the piece
at its first release
$65  -  Going Price * : The current estimated price
of the piece on the market
Sorcerer Mickey Mouse


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Sorcerer Mickey Mouse

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