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Rupert2016-11-25 22:25:15
You have a nice collection, you should share some pictures with us :D
Blancpage2016-11-26 02:44:20
Thanks Rupert! I will be doing some photos in the new year, I am in the midst of a major renovation right now so everything is safely boxed away. But my GJS collection is no where near the amazing size of yours, I too have mixed my collection with my favorite WDCC pieces, Jim Shore pieces and Disney parks Medium & Big figs so hopefully when I post it I can get your feedback! Cheers!
Rupert2016-11-26 11:50:31
Great! I love Disney Medium and Big Fig, can't wait to see your pictures :)
Blancpage2017-01-04 01:18:55
Busts I would love to see next Ichabod Crane and Katrina Van Tassel..Ichabod could have the covered bridge as his base and have a mini gunpowder(his horse) on one side and mini headless horseman and his horse on the other. Katrina could have her parasol and Dutch cap but her base could be a windmill or her carriage with her father. Need more Cinderella figurines do a triplet series with Lady Tremaine, Drizella and Anastasia. Lady Tremaine could have lucifer with teacups catching Gus as base. Drizella could be in singing pose have lucifer covering his head with pillow as base and Anastasia could be playing flute and have lucifer leaving footprints on washed floor for base. Do a triplet series of Brave characters one with Harris, Hubert and Hamish with one brother on top and the other brothers underneath eating a pile of stolen scones and on backside put them as bear cubs. Then do one of Queen elinor and have her bear self with crown wrapped around base and then do King Fergus with Mor
Blancpage2017-01-04 01:20:24
Mor Du' wrapped around base. Would love to See a Madam Mim with her transformation characters from wizards duel on base and a matching Merlin with his transformation characters on the base from the Wizard duel. Would love to see a Gaston with bear rug and his tavern chair as base and then do a Lefou with beer barrels and drinking steins as base. Need more Alice in Wonderland: a Mad Hatter with Teacups and teapots base with a doormouse peaking out and then a March hare with broken teacups, birthday cake and jam jars as base. Need a queen of Hearts holding flamingo mallet above her head with a maze base with playing cards and King of hearts with playing cards painting rose bushes as base. Need a Walrus swinging cane holding a baby oyster and a base with baby oysters and mother oyster and then a Carpenter bust holding hammer and his base can be the shack he built welcoming the oysters. Need a DoDo with his base being all the ocean creatures that danced around his rock he needs his pipe in
Blancpage2017-01-04 01:21:30
pipe in hand. Great Mouse Detective:need a Rattigan with cape open and his base can be Felicia and fidget and then do Basil and his base can be Toby and Dawson. More Peter Pan characters needed do Wendy with rock and mermaids around base with her waving for Peter to wait for her. Do a John with with Top hat and make Michael flying with his teddy around Big Ben as base. Do a Tiger Lilly in dancing pose with drum base. Need ranger j. adudubon Woodlore with soup pot base and spoon in hand and a Humphrey the bear with garbage can base and garbage poker in law and garbage sack slung across his body. Need Pinocchio with Donkey ears and carnival base with Stromboli with marionettes dancing in theatre in front and back gypsy caravan as base. Need Bedknobs and broomsticks busts King Leonidas wearing Astaroth medallion and soccer playing creatures as based do then a Fishing sailor bear with the lagoon restaurant and fishes like codfish as base. Do a few more Little mermaid pieces... Like Chef
Blancpage2017-01-04 01:22:31
Louie with Sebastian in hand and cooking pot as base, Grimsby with pipe with Eric's statue as base, do a Vanessa dancing in nightdress and the base can be the mirror with reflection of Ursula in it. Need more Aladdin figurines need Jafar with cave of wonders as base and need a Sultan with agrabah palace as base, need a red "slave" version of Jasmine with the golden birdcage with a baby Rajah trapped inside as base, do Abu with magic carpet and Iago as base. Need some lion King Busts Shenzi with base of Banzai, Ed and bones. Need a Scar dangling the mouse Base could be the rock with the hyenas shadows. tangled characters... Do Maximus head and shoulders like he's seated with Snuggly Duckling sign as base and Flynn Ryder wanted poster hanging out of mouth. Need a Mother Gothel young and caped with hood hanging down to support back of figure with Magic flower as base. Moana busts needed....Moana holding Pua with raft with Hehe peaking out of storage space, also a Baby Moana bu
Blancpage2017-01-04 01:23:17
Baby Moana bust holding leaf and baby turtle and bea have/ocean as base, Maui holding hook and base made of characters he turns into shark head, eagle, lizard and then Gramma Tala base with manta rays, love to see a Te Ka bust with Sleeping Te Fiti as base.
Blancpage2017-02-17 03:19:48
So sad! I sent an email to Enesco and they responded they will no longer be doing quarterly bust releases and no bust is currently scheduled for release. They may do busts in the future but we don't know when?! They have decided to invest in some new product lines like Miss Mindy etc. So disappointed that some of my individual busts may never get a matching partner! I love this collection and while some pieces have been better than others I really wish they would have left them limited numbered editions not open editions.

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