Grand Jester - Merida

A Highlander lass born and bred, the fiercely independent Merida rebels against her royal mothers best efforts to turn her into a proper princess. She had much rather spend her days racing bareback across rolling hills or stalking game through densely wooded forest. But it is within the weathered ring of Standing Stones that Merida takes her first steps into an ancient world of magic.

Product ID: 4032472
Height: 17,8 cm - 7"
Width: 19.5 cm - 7.48"
Depth: 22 cm - 8.66"
Weight: 0,74 kg - 1.63 lbs
Materials: Stone resin

Designed by: Patrick Romandy-Simmons
Sculpted by: Jacqueline Perrault Gonzales

Availability: March 2013

Issue Price * : The initial price of the piece
at its first release
$75  -  Going Price * : The current estimated price
of the piece on the market


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